Welcome to explore the World of Recovery – a unique gaming experience!

The World of Recovery will revolutionize your idea of serious games. The game includes a mobile game and a table-top role-playing game. These can be played together or separately.


 andYou start by creating a character. The same character goes on quests both in the mobile game and the role-playing game.

In the mobile game, you collect coins, gain levels and buy items by completing real-life quests. The quests stimulate your little grey cells and encourage you to get active. While playing, you will discover new aspects of your local area.

As a player, you will also have the option of participating in The World of Recovery table-top role-playing game. There are no costumes and you play sitting down. You don’t need acting skills nor do you need to know the rules – the game-runner (often referred to as game master) will run the game. They always have your back. All you have to do is experience the unique story unfold as you roll the dice and participate in the adventure! The rpg sessions will take place either remotely or face-to face.

Game-runner workshops begin in autumn 2021.


The World of Recovery is being designed and tested from 2020 to 2022 in our TWoR Game Center in Helsinki, Finland. From the very beginning, we have involved mental health and substance abuse recoverers and professionals as well as game designers in the game design. Our approach to creating the game is based on recovery orientation. In the game, the player adventures in the world of hope, creativity and endless possibilities.

The game is currently in development and is only available for play testers. The TWoR game will be ready in the year 2022.

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Rauni Koikkalainen

Project Manager
040 056 9419


Venla Leimu

Game Designer
050 595 5732