The World of Recovery will revolutionize your idea of serious, non-profit games. TWoR is two games: a mobile game and a table-top role-playing game, both designed for mental health and substance abuse recoverers. Both games are suitable for anyone who wants more adventure and activities in their life.


The World of Recovery app is a compact mobile game designed to support the player’s journey towards recovery. You complete real-life quests by taking photos. The quests stimulate your little grey cells and encourage you to get active. While playing, you discover new aspects of your local area and yourself. As you progress in the game, your character gains levels and advances on their futuristic adventure.

The mobile TWoR can be played alone or with a friend. It can also be played as a flexible, easy-to-use group activity where quest topics form the basis for group discussions.

The app is suitable for players with limited digital skills – it has been designed so that you learn to operate a smart phone as you play.

TWoR the app is free to download in GooglePlay Store:

and in App Store:


The World of Recovery: The Secret Base is a table-top role-playing game adventure. A game master runs the game and provides players with support. 

In TWoR the role-playing game, players travel the game world, make choices and interact with each other. As a player, you also get to solve problems and throw the dice to determine what happens next. There are no costumes and you play sitting around a table.

The rules are light and the instructions extra clear, which makes the game perfectly suitable for first time players and game masters. If you are rpg-curious, TWoR is a wonderful place to start. So take the step, come and experience the unique story unfold as you roll the dice and participate in the futuristic adventure full of excitement and hope! 

TWoR the role-playing game is published as a free download in November 2022. A physical copy of the Game Master´s book and illustration cards (only in Finnish) is available in select communities, organisations and libraries in the autumn 2022. Stay tuned for more info!

The app, the role-playing game, the workshops and materials are unfortunately available only in Finnish until further notice. For more information, contact:


The World of Recovery games have been designed with recovery orientation as our framework and foundation. From the very beginning, we have involved mental health and substance abuse recoverers and professionals as well as game designers in the game design process. In these games, the player adventures in the world of hope, creativity and endless possibilities.

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Venla Leimu

Venla Leimu

Project Manager, Game Designer

 +358 50 505 1401